About Doomed Canadian

Doomed Canadian exists to bring you the unvarnished truth. That's right, up until now your truth has been varnished. Varnished with the smelly, toxic stain of optimism.

Or as we like to call it around here, delusion.

Delusion that the economy is going to be fine. Delusion that house prices are going to go up. Delusion that the biggest asset bubble in history can deflate without it hurting. At all.

Doomed Canadian is going to lift you out of your delusion and set you back down in the pit of despair. How? By creating a news site? No way. That would be too much like work. And anyway, we're not getting $1 billion/year from the feds like those guys over at the CBC. Let them do the hard work. No, this is a news-aggregation site. We simply point you to the hard work that others are doing, assuming they haven't varnished it.

In short, we uncover all the worst news so that you don't have to.

We think this sucker is going down, and we are going to let you know when it happens.

(But if for some reason we miss it, send us the link.)